1. PVC upstands ( cadmium free), double walled, with external engraved surface and perimetrical lip for an easy and secure hold of water insulation felting on the upstand.
Delivered in 6 cm foot flange 15,5 cm high and 15 cm foot flange 15, 30 and 45 cm high. The 15 cm foot flange upstands contain extra perlite insulation and in special cases internal steel reinforcement (e.g. smoke hatches). The sharp beveled edges of upstands offer a highly aesthetical finishing of the opening and guarantee an optimum efficiency – distribution of light down on the working level.

2. GRP upstands double walled, polyurethane thermal insulation embodied.
Delivered in 8 cm foot flange 15 cm high and 15 cm foot flange 15, 30 and 50 cm high.
Round domes are supplied with GRP upstands only. GRP cylinder liners are deliverable as a mould to encounter the constructional difficulties of a circular opening.

3. Straight PVC upstands with 12.5 cm foot flange and 16 cm high with or without internal insulation.

4. GRP special form upstands as:

  • With North orientation
  • With axial ventilator in one side
  • With permanent ventilation opening in one side.
  • With corrugated sheet foot flange for application on equivalent steel roofs

Straight PVC Upstands RO16

GRP special form upstands