Insect Safe Screen

Insect screen pleated, not visible when the domelight is closed, placed between upstand and opening frame adhesively. Made of GRP with PVC coating is available in all sizes.

Products Cleaning

Domelights are products practically maintenance free in the sense that their volume shape does not allow dust layer to stay on for long. Fairly strong wind and rain self clean the domes.
However, dust and atmospheric pollution –number one enemies of translucent products- are cleaned with a soft cloth or leather and a solution of lukewarm water with soap or mild detergent during shady hours. Lots of water to wash out and drying with same cloth completes a temporary cleaning.
Never use dry cleaning, since it causes scratches and increases static electricity.
Use of alkaline, acetone, benzene, etc can gradually destroy your dome.
A complete list of impact chemicals is available.


Domelights are products for a lifetime, if correctly installed in the first place. They are produced and delivered under ISO 9001. A 10-year guarantee exists for the domes and the upstands if correctly installed. The guarantee period for the sunshade system, insect safe screen and the ventilation mechanisms is 1 year.