Translucent roof access

Roofhatch for industrial use

Roof access opening product about 85ο. It is a typical translucent opening frame with PVC upstand (straight or inclined) or GRP, h = 15 cm, with 2 gas pistons PC, SCC, PMMA dome double or triple.
For sizes see “Domes UV Protected”.

Hatch with straight steel galvanized upstand, RAL 9002, h = 30 cm with 90 mm rockwool insulation with external covering alu sheet, U=0,77 W/m2K, Rw=42–44 dB. Lid of alu sheet with internal rockwool insulation 80 mm, opening 80ο with 2 gas springs, U=0,46 W/m2K, Rw=33 dB.

Available in five sizes 70×90 έως 100×150 cm.