Sunshade internal

An extremely decorative polyester plisse fabric with externally reflective surface providing substantial sun protection by lowering the U value of the total system. It functions manually, it is easily cleaned, insensitive to condensation with antistatic repellent finish.

It is fixed in both opening and non-opening dome lights.

For the most common color, white:

  • Light transmission, 39% – 0% blackout.
  • For combination of sunshade with a double skin dome U=0,9 W/m2
  • Energy transmission G = 38 – 25%.

Sunshade external

External sun shading made of Fiber Glass with PVC protection, framed by
anodized alu profile.

  • Light transmission 9,9%.
  • Heat absorption 37,4%.
  • Heat reflection 50,9%.
  • Heat transmission 11,7%.
  • Color white (or light grey).