Twin orthogonal ventilator for fire and natural ventilation. Especially suitable for buildings with high standards of air tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation.
Due to its low height 200 mm the aesthetical adaptation of DUO THERMA on the roof level is almost unnoticeable.

• Operation:
– Double acting compressed air.
– Electric motor.
– Automatic activation by fusible link or CO2 cartridge and smoke – heat detectors.

• Materials of louvers:
– Single aluminium sheets, single or double walled.
– Triple wall 16 mm PC sheets with or without thermal – broken frame.
– Double aluminium sheet with intermediate insulation and thermally broken frame.

• Size availability in geometric openings 3,0 m2 up to 6,25 m2.
• Suitable for public buildings, industrial buildings, sport halls, exhibition buildings.