Orthogonal ventilator – translucent or not – for natural ventilation and smoke – heat extraction, opening 90ο with double flap frame, sloped 6ο or horizontal (for single flap frame). Thanks to its side dampers the product can function even under rain, snow conditions (MEGAPHONIX).


  • Double acting compressed air
  • Electric motor
  • Automatic activation by CO2 cartridge and fusible link at 69ο C
  • Smoke – heat detectors


  • Single alu frame or double insulated frame
  • Multiple wall PC sheets with single or insulated alu frame
  • Size availability U m2 up to 2,00 x 3,00 m (Phonix), 1,90 x 3,00 m (Megaponix) and 1,90 x 2,50 m (Megastar)
  • Suitable for office buildings, warehouses, exhibition buildings, spots halls, staircases.