Natural louver ventilator for fire and natural ventilation. Thanks to its side louvers and the internal rain gutter (for controlled water discharge) EURA – R is suitable to extract large volumes of hot air even under conditions of rain or snow.

• Operation:
– Single or double activity compressed air.
– Electric motor.
– Cable.
– Automatic activation by fusible link or CO2 cartridge and smoke – heat detectors.
• Materials of louvers:
– Aluminium sheets, single or double walled.
– PC twin 8 mm or triple 16 mm wall.
– Laminated or armed glass.
• Material of base: Aluminium sheets in several forms with or without insulation.
• Size availability in geometric openings 0,63 m2 up to 5,45 m2.
• Suitable for shopping centers, atria, industrial buildings, sport halls, exhibition buildings.