In all bent forms, glazing is acrylic (PMMA), or solid polycarbonate (PC or PC solar control clear) or combinations of them in single, double or triple cassettes. A multi wall polycarbonate sheet of minimum thickness 8 mm is also a possibility. In flat forms, further to previous glazing materials, there is extensive use of single or double laminated glass, common, or reflective ones.

Sealing and Fastening

EPDM sealing profiles both in and out, block the glazing material, plastic or glass, so it never touches the aluminium profiles.

Self-adhesive compressive tapes for air – water tightness, instead of EPDM profiles, are technically non-acceptable methods (permanent deformation) and are not applied in our products.

Stainless steel screws and rings combined with vulcanized neoprene ring, prevent the danger of corrosion when aluminium and steel are directly contacted. The heads of screws are covered by either an aluminium cap profile, or by plastic guards in the same RAL color as profiles.