Forms Of Skylights

Bent skylights, h=1/5 or 1/2 x width. Other heights on request.
Round domes (spheres), h=1/5 or 1/2 x diameter.
Double pitch skylights 30°, 45° or other, on request.
Single pitch skylights 30°, 45° or other, on request.
Quadruple pitch with ridge (sphene) 30°, 45°.
Pyramids 30°, 45°.

Profiles System

The structural skeleton of skylights is exclusively of aluminium profiles (no bent sheets) equipped with internal drainage for absolute mechanical water tightness, without any at all use of silicones. Mechanical water tightness applies, among others, mainly at the critical points of members’ intersections. Internal reinforcement of aluminium profiles with steel painted tubes, if statically required and steel under construction, if spans are too big, accommodate higher demands.

Profiles are powder coated, after engineering, in any RAL color. Condensation phenomena do not exist, due to practically lack of thermal bridges and to the existence of condensation collectors.