The additional double glass 4-15-3.3.2 under the domes with Ug=1,1 W/m²K, Rw=35 dB and LTA=79% spectacularly improves
1. The total thermal conductivity (U=0,92-0,76 W/m²K).
2. The total sound absorption Rw, since the original Rw = 12-20 dB of the single – double layer is combined with Rw = 35 dB of glass.
3. Keeping light transmission LTA in high levels (55 – 67 %) depending on number of dome layers over the glass.
4. Burglary resistance according to ΝΕN 5096/class 2.
5. Available in 30 sizes from 40×40 up to 170×170 and Φ60 TO Φ150 with single up to 4 layer PC, SCC, PMMA domes for the fixed products and single up to
double layer for the ventilated ones, with GRP or PVC upstand straight or inclined.