1. The additional multiwall PC sheet of 25 or 32 mm thickness, under the domes, with Ugv=1,4 – 1,2 W/m2K, substantially improves the total thermal conductivity (U=1,1 – 0,65 W/m2K) depending on number of dome layers over the PC sheet.

The total sound absorption Rw is also improved, since the original Rw=12 – 20 dB of the single – double layer is combined with Rw=18 dB of the PC sheet.

2. Light transmission LTA is kept in satisfactory levels, especially for transparent sheets (45%).

4. Available in about 60 sizes from 40×40 up to 220×220 cm and Φ60 up to Φ200 cm, with single up to 4 layer PC, SCC, PMMA domes for the fixed products, and single up to double layer for the ventilated ones, with GRP or PVC upstand straight or inclined.

5. Fire classifications to EN, DIN, NF are available.