International norms in case of fire require roof openings to be automatically activated so as smoke evacuation is achieved. Smoke is the number one reason for accidents due to fuming and lack of visibility.

The automatic opening activation is possible with a number of ways such as:

  • Fusible link and  CO2 cartridge activation  in 70° C or 90° C.
  • Increase of smoke density or general room temperature beyond certain limits.

Smoke and heat detectors accommodate the timely ascertainment of fire together with manual support of the automatic system.

    Products certified to ΕΝ 12101-2 available as follows:
  1. Electrically (El) or by compressed air (C.A) system opening 165ο, resistant to wind pressure max 1500 Ν/m2, 24 V ή 48 V.
  2. Opening under snow load 650-2400 Ν/m2 (El), 500-900 Ν/m2 (C.A).
  3. Fire class ΕΝ 1873, class E, Β
  4. Complete opening time max 60 sec.
  5. Durability000 cycles.
  6. PVC, GRP, steel upstand with alu sheet external cover min 30 cm high.
  7. Ventilation function opening 300 or 500 mm (Εl).
  8. ΙΡ54 protection (El).
  9. Control panel serving 4 units 4 Amp x 4 = 16 Amp (El).
  10. Equipped with battery, transformer (El).
  11. Available in standard sizes up to 150×250 cm (El) and 200 x300 cm (C.A).